NCT Antenatal Classes

From October 2016, The Bright Emporium will be hosting antenatal courses run by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT)!

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logo for webHaving a baby is a special time. So make sure you benefit from the experience, support and social networks that only come with an NCT Signature antenatal course.

With a relaxed and friendly style, every NCT Signature antenatal course is as individual as you are. That’s because every course is tailored to the needs of the small group taking part.

All NCT Signature antenatal practitioners are fully licensed and experts in preparing you – both physically and emotionally – for the arrival of your beautiful baby.

More than half of your course will cover the birth of your baby. There’s plenty of time to explore your questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. Plus you will also discover what your baby needs to help them thrive. So, of course, in an NCT Signature antenatal class, there is no such thing as an awkward question.

NCT Signature antenatal courses are famous for the friendships and networks that form as new mums- and dads-to-be too, prepare for one of life’s most wonderful experiences. Plus, becoming a member of NCT brings you even closer to other new parents in your area as well as discounts at major retailers, free legal and financial advice, low cost holidays and much more.

After the birth of your baby there are playmates for them and a ready-made social and new-parent support network for you through NCT’s unique network of 317 local branches.

For more information, and to book on to a course, please visit the NCT website!

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Exposing a new generation to art and storytelling is a key aim of the Bright Group, as we believe exposure to the arts is one of the most valuable things a person can experience, shaping their personality and encouraging them to grow creatively. We also strive to create a real sense of community here at the Emporium, and we hope that you feel relaxed and at home in our beautiful space. We hope to see you soon!

You can also book classes via The Bright Emporium Calendar here.

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