Draw, Build, Play

What is the Workshop?

Great ideas have to start somewhere, a tiny seed that grows into a beautiful plant or the floorplans of a building that turn into an iconic landmark- everything has a starting point. If you are a dreamer, if you have a wonderful imagination or if you love to play this is the workshop for you!

Our wondeful gallery Assistants- Sophia and Safiya will be starting you off with a theme- this could be the jungle, space, the desert or whatever comes into their imagination. Your job is dream up and draw what you’d like to make bsed on the theme set. Once you’ve drawn your idea out we need to get building- using the materials provided bring your idea to life. Now it’s your chance to play with what you’ve made!

We’ll keep your masterpieces in store on display.

This workshop is for 5-7 year olds.


Who are Safiya and Sophia?


After graduating from Kingston University London during the summer of 2016 with a First Class degree in Illustration Animation (Ba Hons), Sophia joined us as Gallery Assistant, and has since moved into the role of Portfolio Curator for The Bright Agency.

Sophia has been a huge part in the building of the gallery team, and says it’s wonderful to see how the space is received by the local children and families.




Safiya is a design educator who implements her background knowledge of graphic design, the museum learning sector and education to develop themes and concepts to engage audiences who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

With a background working as a a professional ESL teacher both abroad and in the UK she is always exploring new methods for developing participant skills for a more participative and sensorial experience of learning.

About the workshop

Age- 5-7

Bookable- on-line and on Hoop

Cost- £8.50

Duration- 12:30-1:15

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