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Storytime Sunday: Too Many Carrots with Katy Hudson!

By Katy Hudson, Published by Curious Fox Books.

As a little girl, Katy Hudson took to expressing her artistic flair by drawing on her parents’ freshly emulsioned walls…
They swiftly encouraged her to try paper instead, and it’s from there that her passion for creativity grew…

On Sunday, Katy joined us to read her picture book, Too Many Carrots — an inspired tale of Rabbit, and his passion for collecting things — well carrots, to be precise. His carrot-hoarding ways soon become an issue, and there’s a lesson to be learned for Rabbit and his kind and generous friends!

 Katy reading her lovely book, Too Many Carrots


Everyone getting stuck in to crafts!


The book signing is the best bit!


 Making glittery carrots, and bunny ears!


Many thanks to Katy for a wonderful morning filled with lots and lots of carrots!!
You can read more about Katy and the making of Too Many Carrots Here!

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