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This week it was half term for lots of schools, so the Emporium threw open its doors and filled it with fun for families to enjoy! Today we had our Arts Facilitator, Kim, running a Read! Make! Play! class using drama and play based on well-loved books in the space, and Meet the Artist with Sian Wheatcroft and her debut title This Bear, That Bear!








Perfect to keep little ones busy, Sian Wheatcroft visited us from Doncaster for a Meet the Artist storytime and crafting event with her brand new book, This Bear, That Bear – a rhyming story that gets the little ones guessing and joining in along the way, with lots to spot over each page:

“Who will Little Bear see at the bear parade? Will it be ‘This bear, that bear, likes to wear a hat bear?’ One thing’s for sure – the day will be full of surprises! A joyous celebration of bears in all shapes, sizes and styles.”

We were WOWED by Sian’s beautiful sound board, which arrived in the bright emporium with her – a stunning canvas of the characters in the book, with a ‘touch and hear’ sounding device installed on the back, so that when the little bear playing the trumpet was touched, a trumpeting sound would come out!! Or when the drum was banged and big ‘boooom’ would erupt! And best of all… even the fireworks sounded too, with lots of ‘whizzing’ and ‘BANGS!’. Everyone had their own party hooter so they could join in too:

Many thanks to Sian for coming all the way to see us, our local families had a brilliant time!


Meanwhile the fabulous Kim ran Read,Make,Play! for Bright artist Fiona Woodcock’s title Hiding Heidi, with a camouflage Heidi placed around the room hiding for the children to try and find her. With extra interaction with the story for the children to immerse themselves, learning to swing in the trees and skate as fast as they could around the room, just like Heidi and her friends! And of course making their own pages of the book with illustrations and their own take on the storyline, to take home at the end:


With snappy Alan from Alan’s Big Scary Teeth as our lead character:

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