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A Blossoming Story of Flower Friends in Poppy and the Blooms

We are delighted to have had Fiona Woodcock for a creative story-reading. The illustrator and author commented:

“I loved getting the reaction to the story and characters directly from the children; and their creations were BRILLIANT!!! ”    

Storytime Sunday with Fiona Woodcock was floral and magical. Featuring flower characters – Poppy, Dandy, Bluebell and Buttercup our bright-sparks designed their very own floral parks on concertinas.


Poppy and the Bloom is illustrated and written by Fiona Woodcock and is published by SIMON & SCHUSTER.

Have a look at our images from the workshop

[easy-image-collage id=5494]

Storytim Sunday runs every other Sunday. To find out who is visiting for our next storytime reading, check our website for details including the Emporium timetable.