The Bright Emporium (STS & Book Launches)

A ‘ROARRRsome’ Storytime Sunday with Julia Patton

On Sunday 15th November we hosted the very first Storytime Sunday at The Bright Emporium with the amazing Julia Patton! Julia’s latest artistic adventure, The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex (Fat Fox) is a collaborative story written by celebrities to raisemoney forBBC’s Children in Need.

With her dinosaur tail swinging behind her, Julia rallied the troops on the grass for the first part of the story, told by our very own Stephosaurus. After the first installment of the story, Julia, Stephosaurus and the minisaurs sat to make their dinosaur headbands – with sparkles, pompoms and lots and lots of stickiness. We also had wonderful Pudsey colouring sheets for the super fast headband makers!

Gathering some children for the second reading, Julia and Stephosaurus sat cozily on the Supertato couch with some of their biggest fans – dino headbands donned! The day ended with Julia signing and drawing in each child’s book something that was special to them. The lovely Hannah [pictured with Julia below] opted for a cat – how cute!



This Sunday, 22nd November, we’re hosting not one, but TWO Storytime Sunday events! One, as usual, will be held 11am until 1pm at The Doodle Bar, Battersea. Tickets are available here.
Unfortunately this will be our last event at The Doodle Bar, as they’re going to be relocating – however, the new location is yet to be confirmed.

The second of the two will be held at The Bright Emporium, our new home. We’ll be kicking off here at 2pm! Tickets are available here.