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10 tips on making Messy Mornings!

Our ‘Messy Mornings’ facilitator Rachael Bull gives us her

Top Mess-Making Tips:

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Why start up Messy Mornings:
Messy mornings began as I love being creative especially with littlies! Being able to encourage them to make and create is incredible, and exploring the different possibilities with them a privilege.

It’s great when parents have this chance to be creative with their tiny humans. But when the word ‘mess’ is involved, us adults tend to hold back. This is where The Bright Emporium comes in; this amazing space means that families can come and do art and craft (making lots of mess!) but not have to worry about it!

What happens at Messy Mornings:
To spark our imaginations, we start each session by looking at some of the art on the walls that is linked to our theme that week. This helps us know what to start thinking about when we pick up a paintbrush.

The wonderful thing about Messy Mornings is seeing lots of families coming together in one place. So with one big piece of paper, we love making big art together! And a little something to take home… We aren’t about a masterpiece though – just the chance for these tiny humans to have fun experimenting with art.

Here are some top tips for you to do this at home. Because having fun with art isn’t just for Messy Mornings!


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