Jonathan’s Drama Spectacular- Put on a Play

What’s the Workshop about?

Using fun drama games and activities to explore physical theatre and performance. Using mime and movement we’ll write, stage and perform a simple show. We’ll start with drama games to fire up the imagination and explore how we can move. Then we’ll take a story, think about how it’s put together and how we can put it on stage. Then we’ll finish with a never-before-seen performance devised by the group.

Lights, camera, action! Be a Bright Spark and join us!

Who is Jonathan?

I went to the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris, where I studied everything from Shakespeare and Greek tragedy to walking around the room like a tortoise. The school focuses on movement techniques such as mime, mask work and clowning to give students the tools to create new work for the theatre. As well as being an actor, writer and director, I have lots of experience working with children, leading workshops in drama and other activities, running summer camps and teaching.

Details of workshop:

Age- 7:11

Bookable- on-line and on Hoop

Cost- From £15

Duration- 14:30- 16:30

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