Notoriously Bright Book Parties

Having worked together in the past NOTORiOUS KiDS and the Bright Emporium had a spark of genius, combining both our space and our party prowess to deliver fantastic book based birthday parties for your children. Starting with two fantastic books ‘Gordons Great Escape’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and ‘Captain falsebeard in a very fishy tale’ by Fred Blunt- we bring the stories to life through our energetic and engaging entertainers, children will be immersed into these fun and fabulous worlds- in fact they will be taken on an adventure like no other!

Gordon’s Great Escape Party:

The NOTORiOUS KiDS team and the marvellous Bright Emporium have devised a party adventure like never before, they will go with Gordon on his great escape! Children will learn how to become a balloon as big as Gordon, go to balloon school and head off on and adventure just like he does! Do you want to travel the world, become a Magicians assistant, or join the circus? Then this is the party for you.

We suggest Gordon’s intrepid explorers be around 3 and 5 years old.






Captain Falsebeard in a very fishy tale – Party Adventure:

The second delightful option we have for you from the NOTORiOUS KiDS team and the marvellous Bright Emporium is a party adventure with Captain Falsebeard and his sidekick. Children will take part in some seriously fun pirate training where they will learn some very important Pirate skills aboard the ship the Pretty Polly. They will be having so much fun that they don’t realise the long lost Crossbone Treasure has been stolen by the mean old Admiral Swinetoe and a pigs trotter left in its place! The Admiral leaves a clue for the children to solve which will lead them on a treasure hunt for their final challenge, if they solve it then the treasure is theirs to keep! Come join us for this pirate party upon the seven seas!

We suggest our mini pirates be between 4 and 7 years olds


Party Package starts from- £550.00+VAT

Your preferred Notoriously Bright Party with a book theme- Captain Falsebeard or Gordon’s Great Escape

This includes 2 hours venue hire + two entertainers

Extra’s can be arranged…

  • Book party bags can be provided from £9 per child
  • Face Painting
  • Invitations
  • Food and Cake
  • Decorations

Something else in mind?

Notorious are well… notorious for their bespoke parties and love making clients ideas and requests a reality.

From Spellbinding Shows and Interactive Performances to tailor-made entertainment packages, we love to be inspired by you- no matter how unusual or adventurous it may sound. Prices for these packages including venue hire at The Bright Emporium start from £650.00 +VAT

To book any Notoriously Bright Party please contact or call 0207 326 0210

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