Where the Story Began

Where the Story Began

Featuring artwork by 10 artists including Benji Davies, Yasmeen Ismail and Sue Hendra, Where The Story Began shares the inspiration for the artists’ illustrations and highlights how their children’s books come to life. The exhibition will be travelling throughout 2016 to various literary festivals, museums and other vibrant event spaces.

Exploring what our artists drew as children, where their ideas came from and the point at which they decided to embrace children’s storytelling and illustration as their chosen vocation. The ways in which artists envision their stories, seeing how these ideas evolve and turning their ideas into something special is thoroughly fascinating.


The backstory to these loved brands, from out-takes to behind the scenes footage absorbs us into the artist’s world. This exhibition is a celebration of the journeys of some of our most exciting illustrators and includes talent at all stages in their career.

We present some of our newest generation of talented stars, including David Litchfield who debuts his first book, The Bear and The Piano this year, and the extraordinary Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, who are doing brilliantly with their first TV show based on Wanda and The Alien, and are working hard on their second.

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Bright’s first exhibition Where The Story Began is now travelling – having just returned from Craigard Gallery in conjunction with The Wigtown Literary Festival 23rd Sept – 2nd Oct! Here featured artist Benji Davies, will be partook in the festival activities alongside an exhibition of his own book The Storm Whale, curated by the festival organisers.

Where The Story Began will next be at London Book Fair 2017, continuing to generate interest in the creative and inspiring process of storytelling. If you are interesting in hosting our exhibition and discussing the artists featured visiting your event, please do get in touch with our gallery team.

Bright will be curating additional chapters of Where The Story Began to showcase more artists as our portfolio grows.

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