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For the last decade The Bright Group has been one of the leading illustration agencies for unique children’s publishing and boutique art licensing artists. Well-known and respected throughout the industry, the agency started a new chapter in its journey opening The Bright Emporium in October 2015. A public face for consumers to engage with our fantastic content, the Emporium acts as as a combined retail outlet for books, prints and cards, as well as a gallery space and workshop studio, with the agency office based beneath the gallery.

Why we opened The Bright Emporium:

By creating a dedicated space for its artists, The Bright Emporium is opening a window into the illustration world, where creative people, families and art enthusiasts will be able to discover new artists, commission bespoke pieces and immerse themselves in a world of discovery.

What’s more we encourage families to get involved, to step away from technology for a bit, and get creative in one of our many workshops or even attend special book launches. Children, and their adults, can interact with the books and illustrations through storytelling, craft and generally getting their hands dirty, making the Emporium a fun and exciting place to be.

We are also a fabulous shop where customers can browse the artwork on display, with the opportunity to purchase works by our artists such as books, print-on-demand editions, cards and gifts.

Through the Bright Emporium, it is our hope that consumers – both children and adults – can develop a deeper relationship with the picture book characters they love and allow their own creativity to spark into life. Exposing a new generation to art and storytelling is a key aim of the Bright Group, as we believe exposure to the arts is one of the most valuable things a person can experience, shaping their personality and encouraging them to grow creatively.

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The Bright Emporium Team:


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